About Us


We are a multicultural company here at Tented Truck Alliance, and we value diversity. Not only diversity in our teams and cultures, but diversity in our thinking processes!

We trust our experienced logistic specialists to work together in order to formulate the best possible plan of action for your transportation needs. We are committed to providing every customer with the most reliable, efficient, and profitable service that you can depend on.

Our logistics team is skilled in problem solving, meaning no supply chain is impossible for them. They will work hard and collectively to meet every logistics issue with a solution almost immediately.


Thanks to the joined forces at Tented Truck Alliance, you have more resources at your disposal. Throughout our decades of working in the transportation industry, we’ve found that curtain side trucks have proven to be a more efficient method to handle freight shipping.

We offer a fleet of many different vehicles here at Tented Truck Alliance to handle every kind of freight you may have. From Conestoga trucks that have the ability to keep your flatbed load dry in inclimate weather, to Tented Box trucks and Straight trucks. Through our alliance, you have access to multiple styles of vehicles that are guaranteed to handle your cargo perfectly. When you connect with one of our logistics specialists, they will work with you to establish which vehicle will best meet your transportation needs.


At Tented Truck Alliance, we value you. That’s why we joined forces to create TTA in the first place! We understand that the success of your business can rise and fall with the efficient transportation of your cargo. Specialists at Tented Truck Alliance are here 24/7 to work with you, ensuring every logistics problem you have is met with a dynamic, efficient, and profitable solution.

Our team will walk you through your supply chain so you can feel confident that every small detail has been handled from start to finish. The logistics specialists here at Tented Truck Alliance will work with you to determine not only which vehicle type will best meet your cargo needs, but which driver and route will benefit you the best.

Every detail of your supply chain is geared towards what benefits your business the best and creates the highest profitability. At Tented Truck Alliance, you can take our decades of experience and put it to good use first hand.

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