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Tented Truck Alliance was created with every customer in mind. With the desire to meet any and every transportation problem with a dynamic solution, Tented Truck Alliance was born. Tented Truck Alliance is a union of multiple prosperous and spirited companies that joined forces to provide the best services possible to both our customers and our dedicated drivers.

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Our teams at Tented Truck Alliance are made up only of the best of the best, bringing together their experience and knowledge of the transportation industry to better serve our customers. By creating a union between many companies, we have brought decades of experience to the table to handle every logistical chain with ease. With those decades of experience come the reliable skills that have been cultivated throughout our expansive team.

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At TTA, you not only have one company and team working with you, but multiple. Having a wide range of services, drivers, and vehicles available throughout Tented Truck Alliance has allowed us to quickly become a reliable and excellent transportation company, with a skilled and experienced team of transportation specialists ready to get to work handling all of your transportation needs.

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Our team has developed a passion for thinking outside the box, making the creation of every logistics supply chain not only efficient, but equally profitable. Your profitability is our priority here at Tented Truck Alliance, and our team is guaranteed to go above and beyond for you, meeting you with excellence every step of the way.

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We have the ability to offer a wide array of vehicles and services here at TTA, because we are all working together diligently to meet the logistic and transportation needs of every customer.

Our team of skilled logistic specialists will handle every detail for you, from start to finish, releasing you from every pressure that typically comes with coordinating the transportation of goods. With a combined experience that spans decades, you can guarantee you will be working with a team that handles everything with both excellence and ease. Regardless of what cargo you’re needing to transport, or where you’re needing to transport it to, we can make it happen rather quickly here at Tented Truck Alliance.


We offer a large variety of trucks available to handle all of your transportation needs here at Tented Truck Alliance. Due to the partnership of several experienced and reliable trucking companies, you can be sure we have the perfect equipment needed to handle your freight. At Tented Truck Alliance, with the help of our multiple carriers, you have access to Conestoga trucks, Tented Box trucks, Straight trucks, and Flatbed trucks. No matter the type or size of your cargo, we’ve got a truck and a driver that was made just for it. When you choose Tented Truck Alliance for your transportation services, one of our skilled logistics specialists will work with you directly to determine which of our many types of vehicles and services is best suited to handle your freight.






Tented Truck Alliance is constantly growing and expanding our expansive network! Thanks to the many dynamic and successful companies that have partnered to create Tented Truck Alliance, we have a constant need for owner-operators to join our team and help us meet our ever growing haul requests!

Due to the many services and vehicle types we supply to our customers here at Tented Truck Alliance, you have the freedom and flexibility to choose what services and loads will be best for you. Want to stay close to home and only do Hot Shot or Expedited loads? No problem! Have the desire to drive across the entirety of the United States doing long haul loads? You can do that here at Tented Truck Alliance, as well!

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There are many different options available to you throughout the United States for your transportation services, and at Tented Truck Alliance, we strive to remain the best of the best within those options.

Our experienced and professional team of drivers, logistics specialists, and warehouse employees work hard and diligently every single day to provide our services in the most efficient way possible. Tented Truck Alliance has created a network of many dynamic and experienced transportation carriers that have all partnered together to create a union that better serves you.

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